Self Employed FAQ's

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  1. "Cash" vs "Accrual" Basis
  2. What Forms Do I File?
  3. Do I Need A Federal ID Number?
  4. Employees and Payroll Taxes
  5. Do I Pay Myself A Salary?
  6. What Kinds of Records Do I Need To Keep?
  7. Self-Employment Tax
  8. Is Health Insurance Deductible Thru My Business?
  9. Can I Take Deductions For Using My Home?
  10. Do I Need To Keep An Inventory?
  11. Can I Deduct Bad Debts?
  12. Should I Buy or Lease My Car or Truck?
  13. How Do I Deduct Car or Truck Expenses?
  14. What Is Deductible "Business" Mileage?
  15. What If I Sell or Trade In My Vehicle?
  16. How Do I Handle Out-of-Town Travel?
  17. What Are The Rules for Business Gifts?
  18. Can I Claim A Deduction for my Computer?
  19. What Are The Rules for Business Meals or Entertainment?
  20. Do I Need To Pay Estimated Taxes?
  21. What If I Show A Loss?
  22. Keogh, SEP, SIMPLE or Just IRA... What's Best for Me?
  23. Equipment: Sec. 179 or Depreciation?
  24. Employee vs Independent Contractor
  25. What Are Limited Liability Companies (LLC)?

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