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Where Can I Get IRS Tax Help, Forms & Publications?

The Internal Revenue Service provides free telephone assistance and other services.

IRS Website

Taxpayer Information

  • 1-800-829-1040 (Monday - Friday 7am-10pm, Saturday 9am-5pm)
  • For general information
  • If you received a notice and need help understanding what it means.

Taxpayer Forms & Publications

  • 1-800-829-3676 (1-800-TAX-FORM)
  • To order IRS publications and forms by mail. Takes roughly 10 business days for current year forms, longer for past years forms.

TeleTax / Automated Refund Information

  • 1-800-829-4477
  • Available 24 hrs a day via a touchtone phone
  • TeleTax provides a variety of pre-recorded messages explaining various tax rules and topics. Check your tax return booklet for a listing, or follow the instructions when calling.
  • Automated Refund Information provides recorded information concerning the status of your refund, starting with the 30th day after you file your return. Have your copy of your return in front of you when you call, and key in the information requested. This is the FIRST step to take if your refund seems to be delayed.

Credit Card Payment Option

  • 1-888-2-PAY-TAX (convenience fee applies)
  • for Current Year Federal Tax Payments & Estimated Tax Payments


  • 1-800-829-4059
  • Hearing-impaired individuals with access to TTY/TDD equipment may call this number to ask questions or to order forms and publications.

FEDWORLD - Information, forms and publications online

Social Security Administration

  • 1-800-772-1213
  • To verify social security numbers, dates of birth and last names.

FMS Offset

  • 1-800-304-3107
  • Number to call if you have Child Support issues

IRS Tax Debt

  • 1-800-829-8815
  • Number to call if you owe back taxes

Many local IRS offices also provide walk-in service, have most forms and publications in stock (or will place an order for you), and can provide information on programs such as Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA).


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