Individual FAQ's

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  1. How Do I Have My Taxes Prepared Online?
  2. What Are The Tax Law Changes For 2003 Tax Returns?
  3. How Can I Use Electronic Filing?
  4. What Are The Tax Rates for 2003?
  5. What Are The Tax Deadlines?
  6. Do I Need To File A Return? Should I Anyway?
  7. What Filing Status Do I Use?
  8. Should We File Married Joint or Separate?
  9. Can I Claim Someone As My Dependent?
  10. Do I have to File A Return For My Child?
  11. Filing After Divorce or Separation
  12. What If I Disagree With My W-2 Form?
  13. How Are Interest and Dividends Taxed?
  14. What Is OID, and How Is It Taxed?
  15. What Income Is Tax Free? Do I List It Anyway?
  16. Are Lawsuit or Accident Settlements Taxable?
  17. What About Severance Pay?
  18. Are My Social Security Benefits Taxable?
  19. How Do I Know I'm Having Enough Tax Withheld?
  20. Do I Need To Pay Estimated Taxes?
  21. How Do I Determine My Gain or Loss on Stock or Mutual Funds?
  22. What Moving Expenses Are Deductible?
  23. Can I Deduct My IRA Contributions?
  24. What About Roth IRAs? Are They Better For Me?
  25. How Do I Report Distributions From Pension/401K Plans or IRAs?
  26. Should I Itemize Deductions?
  27. Can I Deduct Student Loan Interest?
  28. What Medical Insurance Can I Deduct?
  29. What Medical Expenses Can I Deduct?
  30. What Taxes Are Deductible?
  31. What Interest Is Deductible?
  32. How Do I Figure Charity Deductions?
  33. How Do I Value Property I Donate To Charity?
  34. Do I Need Receipts For Charity Donations?
  35. Can I Claim A Deduction For Charity Volunteer Work?
  36. How Do Deductions for Casualties or Thefts Work?
  37. What Kind Of Employee Business Expenses Can I Deduct?
  38. What is Allowed as Miscellaneous Deductions?
  39. How Do I Deduct Travel, Entertainment & Meal Expenses?
  40. Is My School Tuition Deductible?
  41. Hope & Lifetime Learning Credits
  42. Can I Claim A Deduction For My Computer?
  43. If I Sometimes Work Out of My Home, What Can I Claim?
  44. What Are Deductible "Investment" Expenses?
  45. What Legal Fees Can I Deduct?
  46. Should I Buy or Lease My Car or Truck?
  47. How Do I Deduct Car or Truck Expenses?
  48. What Special Deductions Do Disabled Individuals Get?
  49. Is My Income Earned In A Foreign Country Deductible?
  50. How Do I Report Income From A Schedule K-1?
  51. Rental Income
  52. Sale of Personal Residence
  53. How Does A Like-Kind Exchanges of Property Work?
  54. Installment Sales of Property
  55. Is it a Hobby or a Business?
  56. Child Care Credit or Reimbursements
  57. Earned Income Credit
  58. Child Tax Credit
  59. Adoption Credit
  60. Can I Write Off A Personal Bad Debts?
  61. What Is The Alternative Minimum Tax?
  62. Can Tax Planning Help Me?
  63. How Can I Find A Good Tax Preparer?

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